The independent blog navigation website "Firewood" is officially released

Still believe in the power of words and the value of free thinking

The independent blog navigation website "Firewood" is officially released
After a month of development,, an independent blog navigation website that I completed from design to back-end, is finally officially launched!
This is my first Node.js and Svelte application, and my first complete application with frontend and backend.
Jixin is an independent blog navigation site. Unlike other navigation sites, Firewood will use AI to classify, summarize and tag articles, so that articles can be better classified and readers can find interesting content faster.

The power of words

I have always believed that writing is a skill that only a few people have, and most people don't even have the patience to sit down and read a long article. (I'm guessing many readers of this post didn't even get here and just scrolled to the bottom to see the comments section)
Text is not like pictures, it is intuitive and easy to understand; it is not like video, just follow the progress bar to read, no need to think deeply, what you follow is the thinking of the video instead of your own.
Words need thresholds. Because there is no intuitive impact, readers are required to imagine the world conveyed by the text; the text has no time limit, and readers can read a certain paragraph repeatedly, deliberate and imagine carefully.
When watching a video, you are easily influenced by the atmosphere inside. You can only passively accept the output of the video creator, and you have to watch the next video before you have time to think about what he said. But it is very difficult to get you "top" through words. Without clear logic and excellent writing style, it is basically impossible for you to have the same feeling in the live broadcast room.
Therefore, it is impossible for most people to express a matter or a point of view clearly through a long article.
So in this era, is writing, especially long essays, still meaningful?
There are more restricted areas and sensitive points than the Ganges sand, and the imagination that everything can insult China directly makes many people give up expressing.
Even setting aside the facts and force majeure, the current environment in Qin State does not encourage serious discussions with articles.
Take out your phone and look at your most-used apps. How many of them encourage long texts? Even if there are, how many are suitable for serious discussion in the comments? Does the community have an atmosphere that supports serious discussion?
Basically all communities and content products are downplaying the personality of content creators. They are just foundries that output content. They can only maintain the output of the same theme for a long time, but cannot become a complete "person" online.
At the same time, Qin Guo's product also deliberately made the comment function unsuitable for quote-reply, so that it was impossible to track a conversation that replied to many floors. The concept in this forum is hard to see nowadays.
Even worse, these products downplay or even strictly prohibit the existence of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are the foundation of the World Wide Web. It is not only a link between pages, but also a kind of endorsement: through the link, you can know the source of the news to judge the reliability, and you can expand the reading to discuss in detail. But today's popular products in the depression, you either can't post links at all, or you can only post links with goods.
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
Even in this environment, there are still many people who are willing to spend more experience to build a blog, and are willing to spend time writing articles for few people to read. I hope that there will be a channel to give more exposure to these contents, which is my original intention of developing the accumulated salary.

What is the meaning of 积薪

The original meaning of 积薪 is to pile up firewood.
Near the Dunhuang Han Beacon Tower, there are piles of earth bags. This is the long-term weathering of firewood piled up two thousand years ago, forming a fossil-like existence.
Words will last longer than pictures and videos, and the energy contained in words will be greater. I hope that these words can be like firewood in the Han Dynasty. Although no one cares about it, they can still pass through the millennium and be discovered by later generations.
I hope that we can leave something different while everyone else is working on how to make the audience more addicted and bring more goods.

Develop plan

Jijia will not try to keep traffic on this site, but try to import traffic into various blogs. Future development work will mainly focus on optimizing information classification and display, and blog offline backup.
For the technical architecture of accumulated salary, please read "The Technical Architecture of Firewood".
If you also agree with my philosophy, or if you think the Firewood is doing well, please be sure to forward this article to social networks, groups or circles of friends to help me promote it. I'm not an influential kol, your random forwarding really means a lot to me.